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Headphone Jack Not Working

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    Headphone Jack Not Working

    I updated to Windows 8 today, and everything seemed to be going well until I tried playing music through my headphones. They worked fine on my iPhone, but once I plugged them into my laptop, no sound came out.


    I ran windows updates today.

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    It looks like, with the "High Definition Audio Device" that you only have the basic function Windows installed sound drivers.

    Try installing the PC Vendor's sound driver. Same way for HDMI install the Video Card vendor's drivers.
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    Is your headset USB or straight plug-in ?

    Mine is USB.
    I plugged it in & the tiny icon for discovering new hardware appeared in the Notification Area.
    Things went smoothly & the headset was installed & works.
    I made it Default for sounds.
    Here are a couple of screen-shots---

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    I have a similar problem whereby I have to search at too great a length to get the sound to the speakers to automatically cancel (mute) when I plug the headphones in and then do the reverse when I unplug them. When in WMP all is fine, but on any other application - say Youtube, there is only sound through the speakers unless I disable them. The headphones then work! But now I am searching as to why, when I enabled the speakers, that it didn't go back to where it was before!? What on earth is wrong with Win 8 that it messes up ALL of the chosen settings that were automatic beforehand!? All of the drivers are up to date and working, just the auto settings, which I can't find.
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    First, make sure you are using the PC Vendor's sound drivers. Non Vendor drivers or even the generic basic function Windows installed HD Codec may not work or work correctly.

    Youtube uses Adobe Flash and there have been many problems with that. WMP uses the basic PC sound functions.
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    Thanks, but it is just sound. When one plugs in the headphones or whatever in the same plug, the sound goes off at the speakers and onto the headphones - normally! but not any more. This surely can't be flash? All of my other programmes for sound say 'drivers installed and up to date' etc. I do remember a long time ago, a tick-box or similar which asked what I wanted the sound to do when I plugged the headphones in, but I can't remember where that is. Loading W8 shouldn't have had any effect on anything else...
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    If you have RealTek, you should have a RealTek HD Audio Manager panel that will give you that option (if available). It is located in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.
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    I have the same problem.speakers are working fine but there is no sound in headphone.I have installed sound drivers and graphic card drivers in window 8.But in window 7,headphone is working fine
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Headphone Jack Not Working
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