I need to split my audio into two separate audio devices (my front and rear audio jacks). A physical splitter is not an option. The situation is this; I have an infrasound system that vibrates my desk at sub-audible frequencies, and I hear audible sound through my headphones. I would just use a physical splitter, but this causes nasty echoing in my headphones.

The only options I have found so far are extremely complex and awful. One involves 1)physically splitting the main output 2)running the main output to headphones and rear microphone 3)"listening to" rear microphone through secondary output. This is extremely messy and introduces a nasty delay.

The other option is using a virtual audio manager that costs money and introduces a drop in quality and a noticeable (but smaller) delay. Neither of these options are acceptable for what I need to do.

Ideally, I would like to know a way to do this without having to install any extra software that I have to screw with on every reboot, and I would certainly not like to pay for this.