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W7 to W8 upgrade - Samsung 7005za no longer supporting 5.1

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    Apologies, I may not be aware of the terminology that you have used but I thought a receiver was a separate device.

    To clarify:

    TV is Samsung LE37R87BDX/XEU
    Surround sound is Samsung HT-TZ315

    The surround sound system does not have a hardwar ID on my system as it is not directly connected. As per my original description it is connected to the TV and the TV is connected to my laptop via HDMI.

    Below is a screenshot as per yours but I do not have a 'HMI Output' option in Device Manager like your screenshot. See that all three of AMD, INTEL, and Realtek are listed also.

    Click image for larger version

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    Ok, you forgot to give me the hardware ID again.. So this is a shot in the dark again...
    You were so close...
    All you had to do was go to "Intel Display Audio" in the device manager, right click, select "properties"
    then select "details" tab, use the drop down box on the page to select "Hardware IDs".
    Highlight the first line and on your keyboard hit CTRL-C
    Then goto the message and hit CTRL-V, or right click and hit paste.
    That is the hardware ID.
    You also never specified whether your OS is x64 or 32bit windows 8.

    -Attention!- I am guessing that you are running x64 and your using Intel Audio HDMI
    Download the attached zip file, unzip it, and go back to your device manager find the "Intel Display Audio" again.
    right click properties, goto driver tab, click on update driver
    Select "Browse my computer for the driver" goto the folder where you unzip'd the "" file. Tell it to search the folder, it should find it and ask if you want to update, hit yes.
    Let it finish reboot, see what happens.

    If nothing, then goto, goto the drivers download page and type in HD 3000 and download the latest driver pack (the whole thing), check the dates, I think the latest one is from December 2012.
    Install it, see what happens.
    W7 to W8 upgrade - Samsung 7005za no longer supporting 5.1 Attached Files
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    First line:
    Second line:

    64 bit.

    I downloaded the attached and...

    Click image for larger version

    I have downloaded and installed the following:

    Feedback to follow...
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    The surround sound does work however there is still just the 'stereo' option to choose from in Configuration.
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    That is because you are hooked up to your TV. I have a Bravia Sony and it has bad EDID. It reports itself as capable of only 2 channel stereo. There is a whole mess of forums hidden around explaining how to edit and correct the EDID on the TV so it reports more channels on hdmi.

    There is a tool from Entech Taiwan called moninfo which can read what your EDID is telling your computer. You can tell if it's not right or sending the wrong info fairly quickly. Getting it fixed is a lot of research.

    What I did was this, I hooked up my HDMI straight to my receiver and the receiver sends a different EDID to windows.
    Which sends different information to the sound driver telling it what functions your device has.
    So my receiver sends an EDID called "Sony AMP" to my pc via the hdmi with it's specs.
    Then I put the HDMI out from my receiver to the TV.
    My TV is also a Sony so it supports the audio return channel so I don't have to run another optical cable back to the receiver, lol.

    You mentioned that you have an optical cable hooked up to your surround system, and as I recall SPDIF (optical) only supports 2 channel stereo but it supports 5.1 compressed audio (zip'd audio basically, I don't know if its lzo or some kind of zlib compression, but anyway it's copy righted by dolby which is ridiculous to me since it is just common sense to compress audio, it is nothing novel or worthy of a patent).

    So your problem is your optical cable only supports 2 channel stereo, try using only hdmi cables, such as HDMI-> surround receiver --> HDMI out to TV. That should give you all your lpcm channels back.

    I still have not found a way to fix my EDID on my tv, as Sony advertised that it supports 240hz refresh rate but as you can see in the pictures the EDID reports it only has 60hz. If I could edit that I might be able to fix it.
    I gave up on that though, haven't found the right tools yet, they are all in korean, chinese, and thai languages.
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    I am hoping Microsoft fixes this and forces MFGS to do this right instead of forcing their customers to learn chinese to fix their problems. *rolls eyes* haha. I also hope Microsoft will fix the USB audio drivers so it finally supports 192khz!!!! That has been a horrible issue forever. UAC2 support or bust!
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W7 to W8 upgrade - Samsung 7005za no longer supporting 5.1
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