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    I have installed my sound card.A Soundblaster Audigy.It works when i test it. All the music files have got red headphones icon.When i try and play one, there is no sound. What is the red headphones programme, and anyone know why it won`t play?

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    With a new motherboard, you would be better off using the Integrated audio on the motherboard. It is as good, and maybe better, than the old technology SB Audigy sound card. It would eliminate some potential compatibility issues, too.

    I have a new system with a Gigabyte GA-Z77X UD5H and it came with the SoundBlaster software enhancement add on to the RealTek Audio. I have a recording studio with high end recording studio hardware and speakers, but for PC sound uses the on-board RealTek works well.
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    Ahh .ok.I used the Audigy because the motherboard would not work with my record deck.I will try the integrated sound.Thanks for the reply
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No Music
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