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Sound no longer automatically switches to HDTV

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    Sound no longer automatically switches to HDTV

    OK so I always watch video and movies with my ASUS computer attached to my HDTV. I have never had a problem then one day the audio stopped switching to my tv automatically. I also use surround sound headphones sometimes which require a USB connection and the audio no longer switches to them automatically either. I know I can set the HDTV and the headphones as default audio players so that they will play the audio but I want it back so that when I turn on the HDTV it automatically switches the audio to the HDTV and so that when I plug in the USB headset it automatically sends the audio through that. How do I get it to do that?

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    The switching (detection) of HDMI audio is usually a function of the video drivers and an HDMI cable connected. First thought, update (or reinstall if you have the latest) the video drivers and then see if the problem is resolved.
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    Thanks but that didn't work. Any other ideas? It used to automatically switch to my HDTV when I turn it on. I barely ever move my laptop from my desk so I leave the HDMI cable plugged in 100% of the time, but it used to switch the audio to my HDTV whenever I turned it on or switched the input to the HDMI port the laptop is plugged into. It also used to automatically switch the audio to my wireless headset whenever I plugged in the USB transmitter. Now I have to go make the HDTV or the headset the default audio device if I want to use them, but I want it back to automatically switching.
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    Is there a program where I can set priorities to the devices? Like set it so that if my HDTV is plugged in the audio goes to that, but if my headset is plugged in while either the HDTV is or isn't plugged in the audio will go to my headset?
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    No automatic program that I know of, still a manual function.
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    OK so I figured it out. I don't know what happened, but I figured out that if I set the HDTV and the headset as the default audio device the audio will automatically switch to them when they are plugged in. And the headset is the default audio device if the HDTV is plugged in at the same time so everything works perfectly now.
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    I was having the same problem.

    Sound Playback Device Swap

    The sound does not switch automatically like it used to up till now.
    I had the tablet connected to the LCD TV (HDMI) as usual.
    I unplugged it after turning off the TV but did not turn off the Tablet.
    I usually turn off both.

    I turned the tablet on. There was no sound from the tablet.
    After going to Playback devices the TV was playing sound with no TV connected.
    I could not figure out how to get this to switch automatically.
    I set the Speakers as the default.

    When I plugged in the stereo (Headphones) it did not switch.
    I had to select the Headphones as the default device.
    I unplugged the stereo and no sound from the built in speakers.
    Had to manually switch it back to speakers.
    Plugged the tablet in to the TV, the video switch but not the sound.

    Recently I wanted to record sound. The only thing available was Windows Sound Recorder.
    Another application MS ruined, before it has some editing features they eliminated.
    I installed two apps to record sound:
    Easy Sound Recorder
    Pocket Recorder

    It seems to be working now that I set the TV as the default.
    If I unplug the TV, the built in speakers play.
    Things are working like before.

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Sound no longer automatically switches to HDTV
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