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Windows 8 - Sounds disappear on some of my Programs

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    Windows 8 - Sounds disappear on some of my Programs


    I have several programs running on my PC, which I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro (64), from Windows 7.

    Everything appears to be running fine, except recently, I have noticed that the some sound affects, on some programs disappear - not all sound affects!

    Note that I do not have any Registry cleaners!

    Two Examples of this problem, are Photoshop CS6, and Microsoft Money 2005 - Both these programs run perfectly otherwise!

    With Money, I have observed that the opening theme music disappears; however other sounds appear OK - I get clicks, when appropriate!

    With PS, normally, you get warning dongs, when you do something incorrectly; however, these sounds have disappeared, together with other sounds!

    I have discovered how to restore these sound affects.

    Namely by reinstalling these programs!

    However I have to ensure that they are clean installs!

    It is essential to remove all trace of the previous programs; namely, by deleting folders in the Program Files, by deleting folders in the Program Files (x86), and to delete the relevant keys (regedit) in the Registry!

    If I just uninstall, without cleaning, the problem persists

    I never had these problems with Windows 7

    This is not a Show Stopper, but a bit of a Pain.

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    Some programs and sounds will require a complete (clean) reinstall. Money is a very old version that was designed for Windows XP. Vista/Win 7/Win 8 handle some sound functions differently so if the program works at all you can consider yourself lucky.

    To ensure a "clean" uninstall, I use Revo Uninstaller Pro. There is a free version of Revo Uninstaller but that only recognizes 32 bit programs. The Pro (paid) version recognizes 64 bit programs. Revo Uninstaller will first create a restore point, then run the program's uninstaller and then will scan the registry and folders for left over files and allow you the option to delete them. This is a much better and easier way to uninstall.

    One other item, when you uninstall a program, restart the PC BEFORE you reinstall. If not the original problem may still be there after the reinstall.
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    Thank you for this advice!

    The odd thing, is that I cannot identify why the sounds disappeared!

    Sounds were there one moment, but gone, the next!

    At the moment all is well, but I plan to observe closely; it could be Windows 8, updates, of my Security suite (Norton IS 2013), causing the problem!

    I shall think about Revo Uninstaller!
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    Win 8 has built in Security, you don't need another security program. Its called Windows Defender in Win 8, previous versions was Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Two security programs can conflict and cause problems, although it shouldn't cause sound problems.

    I'm not sure how you would disable the Windows Defender if you want to use Norton.
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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you for your message, Fireberd.

    Yes, I understand that Windows 8 has the built in Security Suite; however, most of those who claim to be in the know about such things, recommend a commercial product, from one of the companies that specialise in security. In my case, I have Norton Internet Security 2013, and Symantec have assured me that the installation process, disables Windows Defender, during the installation process!

    Reference sound disappearing, having performed clean installs of these programs, the problems have not reoccurred!
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    The security software companies want you to buy their products. The free Microsoft Security Essentials (now called Windows Defender in Win 8) has proven to be as good and even superior to some of the big name security software packages.

    There is no compelling reason not to use the built in security.

    Read the comments by Jimbo in this thread AvG Or Avast ? Free?
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    Windows 8.1

    You may be right, Fireberd.

    However, how come, when I ran a quick security scan, with NIS 2013, this program found and removed more than 700 tracking cookies!

    Such cookies might not have any detrimental affect, but I prefer not to have third parties installing their items on my PC, without my knowledge

    Windows Defender did not detect/remove these!
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    Cookies have nothing to do with Anti-Virus. You can disable cookies in your browser and also/or choose to delete them when you exit out of the browser.

    I use the free ccleaner to remove unwanted cookies (not all are unwanted). Again, there is no need to buy something for that. ccleaner is a very popular and often recommended system cleaner program.

    In addition, you do not need a "registry cleaner" or programs that claim to fix your computer (e.g. "my clean PC"). They will report outrageous amounts of registry entries that need deletion when in fact none need to be deleted.

    But, its your PC and you can do what you wish with it and buy whatever programs you feel that you need.
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Windows 8 - Sounds disappear on some of my Programs
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