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Does the store have an app count limitation

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    Does the store have an app count limitation

    Does the store have an app count limitation?

    I am curious, Does anyone have an app listing page that exceeds 10 rows vertically by 10 - or 100 per section?
    Or does anyone have a section that exceeds 10 rows vertically by 25 - or 250 per section?
    How many store apps do you have?

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    I don't know where you got those categories. Mine are:

    Spotlight 10 apps
    Games 515 apps
    Social 76 apps
    Entertainment 349 apps
    Photo 72 apps
    Music and video 106 apps
    Sports 103 apps
    Books & Reference 149 apps
    News & Weather 239 apps
    Health & Fitness 59 apps
    Food & Dining 58 apps
    Lifestyle 105 apps
    Shopping 35 apps
    Travel 96 apps
    Finance 37 apps
    Productivity 191 apps
    Tools 310 apps
    Security 21 apps
    Business 46 apps
    Education 287 apps
    Government 9 apps
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    Yes, Thank You! This is exactly what I don't understand. How there can be such a difference between app counts

    My app count in education is 85.
    ... in government it is 5.

    Free Games are 91.
    Free Tools are 89.
    New Releases are 84.

    Shouldn't the apps count be all the same in the same country if using default filters only?
    Is there a way to update one's app count to full availability?
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    Do you have RP or RTM?

    It could also be app localization and accessibility preferences turned on causing the difference in what you see vs others based on your locale. You might disable it to see what's available afterwards.

    Windows Store - Enable or Disable App Localization
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    Using Enterprise evaluation. I haven't changed anything, so everything is defaulted.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Just ran the app update from the edge UI...> 1 app update
    If a full range of apps requires different languages, then it's no biggy.
    I don't need any apps from different countries or different languages.
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    I'm using EE also, signing into PC with Live account. Also have Xbox/Microsoft game account. Could that make a difference? On my phone now. Will check later.
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Does the store have an app count limitation
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