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Are there ANY Metro apps that don't suck?

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    I made an App for 20+ inch screens for Virtual Stock Market Trading: Sim Trader app for Windows in the Windows Store

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    Good for you, Robert! Well done!

    Beauty and use is in the eyes of the beholder. I look for apps I like. The rest I disregard. Download and move to a group. Live tiles very informational at a glance. How many and who emailed me, news headlines, personal notes, weather in multiple places, etc. That simple.

    We have the best of both worlds. Legacy desktop and touch UI. Play the damn radio streaming on the desktop minimized in the background. Agree that we don't need an app for that. Rather silly IMO.

    It just occurred to me, though. Apps do minimize virus and spying threats, for we're not surfing the web as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    most of them are totally RUBBISH -- as I've often said before on these forums if you want to know the time in Guantamino Bay or what the inmates of the said institution are getting for their dinner next Wednesday - then what's wrong with using a decent smart phone with a proper size screen (such as Samsung Glaxy 3S or perhaps the new Windows phone).

    Most of this rubbish doesn't actually belong onto what some of us "Old Timers" would actually call a PC.

    Things like the previous poster suggested such as "Cooking" or whatever --might be fine but do you really need a COMPUTER for these --you could easily use a tablet etc.

    The traditional desktop isn't going away any time soon -- Windows 7, even Windows XP and various Linux flavours will ensure that the traditional desktop survives.

    IMO most of these "Apps" are usually written by "One man and his dog under the Railway arches" and if you become too dependent on this type of software - well good luck to you when the developer (who was probably doing it as a hobby) can't be bothered any more.

    Do you also need to waste a FULL SCREEN for a RADIO app on a PC -- things like for example Tunein Radio run just fine in the background which is presumably where they need to run.

    They work fine on a tablet / smart phone too -- but on a Desktop -- C'mon guys --this is a pure BACKGROUND process once you've selected your station.

    From one "Old Timer" to another; and I would guess that I'm an older timer than you are. While I will agree that the apps in Windows 8 aren't the greatest thing that has happened in the computing would, I disagree that most of them are rubbish simply because one can do about the same thing on a Smart Phone or a Tablet.
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    If this isn't irony... The ONLY "app" I have paid for is Stardock's $5 Start8 which is used to BYPASS Metro completely and create a decent start menu back on the desktop (and can turn off edge interfacing). I have not even LOOKED at Metro for weeks now so I cannot say ANY app there is my favorite since I don't see them. Out of sight, (MS is) out of mind.
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Are there ANY Metro apps that don't suck?
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