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How to Rename Start Screen Apps?

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    How to Rename Start Screen Apps?

    Should be simple, right? Then, this is Windows 8...

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    I'm pretty sure it has less to do with the fact that "this is Windows 8" and more to do with it being an App. My guess is that the App name is part of the signature id and tied into the Store for security reasons. It's not like you can rename Apps on your smartphone. Well probably could with Android but I'm sure you would need to root the phone in order to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R0bR View Post
    It's not like you can rename Apps on your smartphone.
    I'm pretty sure my beat up old D520 doesn't qualify as a smartphone, and this is windows after all, not Android or iOS.

    Is it too much to ask, in 2012, to be able to right-click > rename something? Apparently so in Metro.

    So, is there some way to make this happen, short of having to figure out how to find the actual shortcut buried somewhere in the Start Menu folder through explorer, and rename it there?
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    By the way, said app has nothing to do with the app store. It's the "desktop version" of chrome, which I had to "pin to start" manually from chrome.exe (for lack of any better way of getting it there). There isn't even much wrong with the title--just needs to be capitalized. I simply want to be able to do this where needed.
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    Well then you need to be clear on your request, there are Desktop Applications and there are Metro Apps which are installed from the Store. If you want to rename the shortcut for your Chrome desktop application then right click the icon in the Start Screen and "Open File Location" in the options below, rename the file...done.
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    Got it. Thank you.

    That also answers my followup question as to where to find a quick shortcut to the Start Menu folder(s). This will do nicely.

    So, "Pin to Start" creates a shortcut in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    Need to get there for renaming / organizational purposes?.. "Open File Location".
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How to Rename Start Screen Apps?
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