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Microsoft Store tile not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsyeager36 View Post
    Since this is the RTM version and since this is a Microsoft forum, you would kinda expect someone who is moderating the forums to be in close contact with Microsoft (in some way, shape or form), and find out what it going on with this product....
    This isn't a Microsoft forum, it is an enthusiast forum for Windows 8 where USERS of Windows 8 try to help others. If you want to throw your demands and attitude around then do it here: Windows - Microsoft Answers. However, I'm sure you will find that there is no support from Microsoft for Windows 8 until official release in October. If the company you work for has a EULA with Microsoft then that is your best bet as you'll be able to open a ticket with Microsoft directly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsyeager36 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    You act like this is a wide spread problem? I'm not sure it is, it sounds like its just a glitch from doing the upgrade. If Brink had a magic answer don't you think he would have posted it? We all try to do the best we can to help someone, sometimes the answer isn't something someone wants to hear. Thats life. Its impossible to test every scenario, and every combination of installed apps and programs, for an upgrade scenario. Plus, the DP, CP, and RP are test builds with faults in them. Not something I personally would want to upgrade from. It sucks that you are having problems but don't take it out on us. Also just let me state that this post was not meant to be condescending or an attempt to flame you. I'm just trying to explain things the way I see them without making things any worse.
    I mean no disrespect to anybody. However, it is a widespread problem. I see these kinds of posts all over the net doing searches on Google & Bing and people can't get their Metro tiles to work correctly.

    The version I have is not a test build. I have the full-blown RTM version. It just so happens that since I'm a developer and my company uses Microsoft products, I can download these items for my home use as well from MSDN.

    Since this is the RTM version and since this is a Microsoft forum, you would kinda expect someone who is moderating the forums to be in close contact with Microsoft (in some way, shape or form), and find out what it going on with this product....
    This is a Windows 8 forum but as far as i know, its not a Microsoft forum. I'll let Brink confirm it but to my knowledge its not owned buy or run by Microsoft.
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    It's an independent forum with no connection whatsoever with Microsoft (as stated at the bottom of every page).
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    Thanks... I just did....
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    I installed Win8 on 2 different laptops and 1 experienced problems where the store app and other pre-installed apps (mail, calendar etc) would launch, hang and then do nothing but sit in standby mode at LH side of screen. The apps I had installed earlier from the store all launched fine and worked as intended. The older laptop which I use for testing did not experience any problems at all and it drove me crazy trying to work out the problem.

    The solution for me was to uninstall the AV program (Avast) that was already there when I upgraded. By keeping all applications & data from Win 7 at time of upgrade, I had forgotten about the AV.

    I expect there was a conflict with the built in AV (Essentials/Defender) in Win 8.
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Microsoft Store tile not working
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