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Apps not opening

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    Apps not opening

    Hi everyone,
    I just installed Windows 8 yesterday but I am having one major issue, none of my apps are opening.
    Whenever I click to open an app, the image goes full screen for a second then goes away and I am back to the metro ui. Only one app will open and that is the Maps app.
    My screen resolution is high enough, so I know that isn't the issue.
    I tried to do a refresh but it keeps saying I need to insert media when I already have the install CD in there.
    Is there any way anyone knows of trying to fix this?

    Thank you

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    Thats happened to me a couple of times. One or two Apps will do that. Other than reinstalling Windows 8, I never found a fix that worked. I did the refresh but it didn't fix it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling that app too. Maybe its a graphics thing so update your video card drivers and maybe chip-set drivers. I hope you have better luck than I did.
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    I found a fix for me at least. I disabled Avast and it started working. I then went through all the shields and found out that when I disabled the Behavior shield it worked perfectly!
    I hope this helps
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    I'm running Microsoft Security Essentials so I doubt its that. Also its only one or two apps when it happens. Anyway I'm glad you figured it out and your solution may help somebody else with app problems.
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    Windows 8 Pro (Technet)

    I have a similar problem that I've been trying to find solutions for...

    I installed Win8 yesterday and for a while, all the apps where working. I then installed my video drivers, AVast, Windows updates, and other applications I usually use on my PC.

    Suddenly, SOME apps stopped working when I click on them while other continue to work (that's what so confusing)...
    Those that stopped working (when I click on them, the update themselves when they're small tiles) are...
    TomsHardware (never got it to work... installed it after the problems started)
    TomsGuide (same)

    Strangely enough, those are STILL working without issues...
    Mail, people (contacts), Maps, Travel, Pictures, and newly installed Widipedia, CBC news plus a few others...

    So, some work, others stop working for new obvious reasons... btw, I uninstalled AVast after reading that it solved the issue on some computers (didn't here).. I now only use Defender + Windows Firewall.

    Starting to wonder if it's not the nVidia drivers which I'll rollback to the original to see if it works.

    edit: removed nVidia drivers .. makes no differences.
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    Avast disables the windows built in Firewall. There have been reports that, even though the firewall shows it is enabled, Avast interferes with its operation. The Metro tiles/programs, must have the built in firewall to work. You can check the firewall and, if needed, re enable it, or, better, uninstall Avast and use Windows defender.
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Apps not opening
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