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Photo app keeps quitting unexpectedly

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    Photo app keeps quitting unexpectedly

    Basically, the title says it all. After I click the Photos app, it only runs for a couple of seconds, and then it just closes. It doesn't display any error messages and it doesn't tell me to search online for any codes or anything, it just closes as if I closed it.

    Also, if I mouse over to the left corner of the screen, it says that Photos is still running, but if I click on it, the same thing (closing unexpectedly) happens.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Can this be fixed?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Has it ever worked for you?

    Or was it working then stopped when you clicked into a folder with files (Photos) in it?

    Idea is that maybe there is a bad image in a photo folder that is causing it problems, if you know what folder that was you can maybe move all the pictures out of it temporarily to get control of the program back, then find out which picture it was by putting them back one by one or something...
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    Yeah this actually happens to me periodically as well... seems to only happen sometimes, possibly depending on the files actual location (seems to work fine browsing camera/iphone most of the time), and only sometimes has issues from other locations.
    Very erratic for me though, if anyone has any ideas I would be interested too... I have a feeling it is down to file formats or sizes or something along those lines
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Photo app keeps quitting unexpectedly
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