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7-ZIP and administrator rights problem.

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    New Jersey
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    Windows 8.1 Pro X64

    As I stated in my first couple of posts made when I installed W8 the first time I had problems extracting a firefox zip build to the firefox folder in program files(x86). I eventually discovered that I had to give Admin rights to 7zFM.exe. I had to do the same thing this time around for my W8 install. For good measure I gave the other two executables Admin rights also.

    That's about all I did. I just can't get the 7-Zip context menu in Explorer to do any options on the menu. Either nothing happens or I get the 'elevated' message.

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    Have you tried the 9.22 yet?

    Or you probably want the speed improvements for Ivy Bridge in the latest alpha.

    This is 7-zip 9.22 on Win8 RTM x64:
    Click image for larger version
    -The Windows theme is from RP version, I said it just to avoid confusion.
    -The 7zip theme is my own, for the rest, original 9.22 version.
    -I ran 7z as admin just to assign it to its format (see icon left)
    -The shell commands in the right click menu work, I just removed the e-mail links with in the options just to prove it works, and I don't need those.

    So I think it has to be new code in the alpha that still needs some testing. I'm not gonna use it until it becomes more stable.
    Win8 is also on Ivy Bridge here and for the moment 7z has been stable.
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    New Jersey
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    Windows 8.1 Pro X64

    I tried v9.20 and it does the same thing. Also as I said, I had v9.30 alpha working on my old install of W8 Pro x64 so it's not a problem with the alpha version in my case.

    I tried a couple of other similar products and they all worked fine. None of them required me to do anything regarding security rights. Why the heck do I have to it with 7-Zip? Never had this problem with W7 btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streetwolf View Post
    .... Why the heck do I have to it with 7-Zip? Never had this problem with W7 btw.
    Yep. Went through <exactly> the same steps trying to find an answer, found none. And years later, we're still here in 2012.
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    Through trial and error, here's how I fixed it in order:
    1. Uninstall (using uninstaller in the 7z folder) -> Restart PC -> Re-install
    2. Run this program as administrator for 7z.exe, 7zFM.exe, 7zG.exe
    3. Ran CCleaner, analyzed & cleaned 7z
    4. Disabled Run this program as administrator for 7z.exe BUT the privilege remained active -> error gone, able to use the program normally

    I hope that helps.

    If anyone knows what actually happened, do inform. I'm interested.
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    WinRar rocks, never had a problem and has everything. Workin great on 8.1 pro
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7-ZIP and administrator rights problem.
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