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for E-reader users who want to change say kindle mobi format to epub (open standard) or lit (ms reader) to epub plus a load of other conversions then this excellent FREE program does the job with flying colours and works on W8 as well.

If you will eventually be a Windows R8 tablet user the e-reader program itself could also be useful for you in reading e-books on your tablet instead of your e-reader.

Mobi DRM'D stuff will have to be "De Drm'd" before conversion - but tools to do that are available anywhere.

Since I've swapped the old Kindle for (what I prefer) the new Sony T2 e-reader --much clearer screen, supports PDF / txt / epub I needed to convert a load of old kindle files. Has an external micro sdhc card (32 GB) and supports drag and drop via usb - so I've converted a load of my old e-books to epub - and with PDF support I can store my Office documents on it too.

The e-reader functionality of the "conversion" program is good too - so you can enjoy your e-books on your computer / tablet too.

calibre - E-book management

(Thankfully the use of DRM seems to be diminishing -- I should be able to copy e-books I've PAID for to a new device without having to trace and re-download all the old stuff again -- I don't have to restricrt playing a DVD or CD to a single device or be restricted to reading a physical book only in the same room so why should e-books be restricted to a single device which will eventually wear out / want replacing etc).

I don't mind DRM on "Borrowing from the library" type of apps - but once you've PAID for something then it's B/S. - fortunately it does seem to be going away.