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Start8 BETA for Windows 8 RTM Available now

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    Quote Originally Posted by kala View Post
    I don't get why everybody using some 3rd party programs when you can get a real deal with not much hassle at all.
    And have to use a 3rd party program to patch the win7 explorer, and don't forget what you loose by doing this:

    Too much being lost/too many hoops for me...

    After beta5 which was released yesterday, I cannot really see what else could you miss

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    Classic Shell for me has more customization, overall greater number of features, customizable usability, skinning, Explorer and IE fixes it's already far ahead.
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    I don't understand some people. The new Start menu is so cool! and much easier to navigate I find than previous OS'. Each to their own I suppose
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    It is not really about the start menu.

    It is about MS deliberately removing code to try and prevent people from avoiding metro.

    These 3rd party programs can offer some help navigating for advanced users, who don't want that full screen popping up and obscuring what they are doing - it is very inconvenient and unergonomic.

    The problem is none of them are replacement shells ( hopefully, there will be some available as time goes on ).

    Very difficult to get pe4 going properly. I had to use a different shell to get explorer functionality.

    MS may try and prevent that in the next release

    They only let you do what they want you to do.

    It never used to be like that with Windows - that is why Windows was so great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    It never used to be like that with Windows - that is why Windows was so great.
    No? Microsoft didn't lock down theming in Windows 7 that had millions up in arms? Especially the boot and login screen? Stardock released WindowBlinds for W7 plus free tools like Logon Studio etc. I believe Stardock is still a Microsoft Gold Partner. My guess is there will be a WindowBlinds for W8 eventually. Microsoft provided business for Stardock before, perhaps they are just maintaining that partnership.
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    It's very simple really, the whole Start screen vs menu debate. The Start screen is SIMPLIFIED, those who only need basic features will be happy. Does that mean they should expect all other users who needs the ADDITIONAL EXTRA menu functions which Start screen lacks to just adapt? NO! They are not afraid of change, they just don't want the added utility and features that the menu gave to be returned. Is that so hard to understand? Here's the how the menu was BETTER, not just DIFFERENT, it had MORE FEATURES. You are being ripped off FEATURES in the Start screen.
    - No full-screen requirement, it doesn't disturb your workflow and gets out of the way quickly
    - Had fastest access to shutdown commands
    - Special folders 1 click away and expandable
    - Expandable Recent documents
    - Start Menu jump lists for pinning documents associated with that program
    - Frequently used programs list
    - Neatly organized All Programs list by folders
    - Does not cover the Taskbar and the notification area
    - Search results are in a single unified list of Programs, Files and Settings for easy up/down keyboard navigation but still neatly categorized, just press Enter to launch (Start screen separates search results unnecessarily into Apps, Settings and Files)
    - Context menu options of our choice not present in Start screen. Whatever limited context menu actions Start Screen has are at the bottom of the screen which means more movement between the tile and the bottom actions
    - No context menu options available at all for settings and files on the Start screen
    - Launch multiple apps quickly by holding down Shift (Classic Start Menu of 9x and Classic Shell has this feature)
    - Less items fit on the screen at a time due to the large size which means more scrolling unnecessarily for keyboard and mouse users
    - The hot corner has poor discoverability

    In addition, the Classic Shell Start Menu packs hundreds of little usability enhancements which the Start screen all lacks. It is a carefully refined menu with lots of features.

    - Consumes very little memory.
    - Every aspect of look and functionality is customizable
    - Does not disable Metro if you want it
    - Has support for skins, including additional 3rd party skins
    - Free customizable Start button
    - Completely, free and open source and has had a million+ downloads and counting.
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    A start menu is much more efficient for use on a desktop - or workspace.

    I am more concerned that MS is forcing this metro stuff on people.

    Locked down tighter than the north end of a chicken heading south.

    Astonishingly restrictive.
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    It's not really being forced.
    You have "Skip Metro Suite" Classic Shell... Start8 and others... to be announced... lots of choice.
    Delete every tile if you want to. Block the Store, Delete it! (not recommended to delete desktop tile)
    There will be lots of bypassing stuff available. Probably more disablers. Use 7, XP , Linux, Apple, Vista, or 8, what force? Any policy wonk or systems analyst could make a go of it! Or not, ...

    If the computer boots to the desk, and you have your ORB, what is being forced? The explorer is changed by the metro ? maybe, but I am sure the metro disabling community will be actively seeking all means to "hide it."

    Skip Metro Suite Start8 Classic Shell
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    It's all about what you are used to. Win Start8, I can get all the benefits from Win8 without having to remember where the damn restart key is buried or how to pull up the run box...
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    I just purchased Stardock's Start8. It is still in Beta but has fleshed out nicely. For $4.99, it now has a complete configure menu and works fine. Recommended. buying the Beta version now provides me with the released version when it comes out. Only thing that I miss is being able to pin stuff to the menu... everything else is there, including Metro

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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Start8 BETA for Windows 8 RTM Available now
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