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Calendar app time/date format

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    I'm glad you made progress, but seems to me that it's semi-solved. Are you getting exactly what you want?

    To be honest, I'm a U.S. American. I only know U.S. English. It's default so far as the first choice on the installation screen of an English version. I haven't dropped down that choice menu but once in Win 98 1st edition. LOL! So these language options are new to me.

    Obviously you speak a few. After setting all the choices in advanced setting of Language, are you able to choose options and get them your way? If not, there must be a flaw in the OS?

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    I think I am getting exactly what I want.
    Taskbar clock and "pop-up clock" (desktop and charm-menu clock in Metro, sorry Modern UI) obeys language/region settings, Calendar likewise.
    I do not have any mail at the moment (and I do not understand why MS has not enabled the e-mail app to use POP3), so I cannot verify.
    It seems like calendar tile text partly follows display language (English in my case), it displays e.g. "My appointment" (in my language), "Tomorrow" (in english ) and then a big "28" followed by the name of tomorrow (Tuesday in english, but my language is shown).
    I guess that if I install my own display language, then all is consistant, however, I hate using non-english display language for many reasons, e.g. I do not "read" menu items, I "pattern recognize" them by e.g. positions in the menu. Also so much documentation, samples etc. are in English.

    In other words, a lot of mix, I am used to some mixing, I just cannot bare a 12 hour clock (and neither the U.S. way of denoting dates, e.g. M/d/yyyy)
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    OK good. I'm on my 7 side right now, I had a Hotmail personal and a business account, and a Google account, which are pop 3, set up in the Win 8 mails app, so it should work. I haven't configured that in my EE for I'm using Outlook preview at the moment. Keep in mind that I sign into my PC with a .Live account.

    I hear you on American standards. We are so different from the rest of the world. I have to use the inch/foot/yard/mile measuring standard professionally as a builder when metric would be so much easier. Instead of figuring anything by 10 we have to figure it by 12. Then what's goofier is that surveyors and that industry uses tenths of a foot! It's not 12 inches to the foot as normal, it's 10 surveyor inches to the foot.

    Anywho, I'm glad you have evrything worked out. Have fun with 8.
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    And what is really ironic is that neither a 12 hous clock with PM/AM nor a 24 hours clock is very metric.
    The real metric (SI, Systeme Internationale) time unit is second and only second.
    The funny idea of 24 or 2*12 hours in a day is probably 4000-5000 years old from the old sumerians
    Bad habits have long lives.

    I tried once to make up some "mnemonics" to remember AM and PM and AM was "After Midday" or perhaps it was "After Midnight" = confusion again, then later I learned that AM means "Ante Meridianum" which makes more sense since Meridianum is easy (?) to remeber as midday, but then I never remembered what Ante really ment, before or after = confusion and trouble again.
    Therefore I hate 12 hours clocks (but I am still not sure if I want a clock with 86400 second marks on it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by eager2008 View Post
    R0bR: Do you use RTM ? (I think it was different on the previews)
    Yes, Pro RTM.
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Calendar app time/date format
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