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PHOTO APP has no option to rotate photos

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    Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit (6.2, Build 8400)

    PHOTO APP has no option to rotate photos

    The PHOTO app is great.
    But it has some limitations and the most irritating one is it cant rotate the photos.
    As in the partys or any other moments we click photos in any position but when we wanna see them on the PC we have to rotate them.
    This is the problem with the PHOTO app that it doesn't have any option to rotate the photo.
    It means to rotate the photos we have to move back to the desktop open the same picture in the windows photo viewer or any other program then rotate it and then again go back to the PHOTO app which is not likable.
    Just because of this limitation i have to use other software even though i like the PHOTO app so much.

    Microsoft must change it.

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    Windows 7, Windows 8 RP

    That is very odd, seems like something that could easily be added to the App options at the bottom of the screen when you right click an image. I'm sure it won't be long before another app will be available with many options to manipulate an image.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit (6.2, Build 8400)

    yeah hope so
    also one more problem is there that when we click on an image to open it and it opens in the PHOTO app but if we wanna see the next images we cant see them by clicking or pressing the right arrow key.
    The only way to view the images one by one by keyboard or mouse is that we have to include the pictures in the library first, which is again very irritating...
    over and all the PHOTO app is good but without having these changes it isn't going to survive longer...
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    All I can thing this long is, MS is bold in putting many scratch programs on Win 8 start screen.

    More or less, just close to some free apps for android.
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    I too totally dislike the Win8 photo app...

    EVEN if I select a group of images, there is NO WAY to move forward or backward through them.

    Ive tried everything I can think of... NOTHING WORKS! left or right arrow keys, ALT key, page up, page down, mouse wheel... nada, zip, zero!

    Anybody figure this "Gem" of an app out?
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    It is just a viewer. It's good if you have a lot of photos to browse through. Pics are large by default. If you want to call it a phone app , ok with me. My phone can rotate pictures.
    It's not an editor. I don't use the video, music , camera, skydrive, mail, finance, or travel app either. Productivity works best using desktop applications for now. If you copy a folder of pics to the pictures library, you would be able to roll through them with the scroll wheel or scroll bar at the bottom of screen.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    There is possibility that MS made it intentionally that way to offer some rooms to third party apps developer to sell more functional picture/photo apps through MS Store that is available with few extra $.

    Just like the way android get the apps.

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    64-bit Windows 10

    Yeah, I just set Windows Photo Viewer to be the default program to open them with instead so it'll be like it was in Windows 7.

    Open with - Change Default Program in Windows 8
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    Heheh, you know why the photo app has no rotate right???

    Because it is NOT a desktop app, it is a phone/tablet app.

    Think about it
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    It will show thumbnails. Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. At the bottom right, you will see - and +to decrease and increase the image size respectively. Clicking - until the option is no longer available, gives you the equivalent to thumbnails.
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PHOTO APP has no option to rotate photos
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