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Office 2003 + Windows 8 Pro x64

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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64

    Office 2003 + Windows 8 Pro x64

    A consensus is emerging in Windows 8 forums around the net that Office 2003 as a suite or individuals apps therefrom break Windows 8's Update.

    Elsewhere in this forum the problem was attributed to a Windows 8 x64 [RTM] upgrade over Windows 7 x64 that had Office 2003 installed.

    My experience, however, was with a 'clean' install of Windows 8 Pro [via TechNet] and this has been confirmed in other forums.

    So far there is no indication of Office 2003 (SP3) applications not functioning normally in 8. My early testing of Outlook, Excel, and Word had them working flawlessly.

    There is no comprehensive fix at this time for the Windows Update problem. It is conjectured that this may be a 'Certificates' issue with Office 2003. That would necessitate a Hotfix from Microsoft for software that passes out of active support next year. Disabling updates for 'other Microsoft products' will restore Windows 8 ONLY updating.

    I can switch to Office 2010 which I learned to accept then appreciate but many folks remain alienated by THE RIBBON, not to mention the cost and loss of certain macros, older add-ins, reduced customizability, etc.

    Interesting it will be to see whether Microsoft (Office Division) comes through for its installed-user base on this one.

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    Windows 8.1

    I have Office 2003 Pro installed and running on several Windows 8 Pro 32 bit machines without any problems and windows updates are working fine.
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Same here.
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64

    This is correct. The major update to Windows 8 on the 9th of October resolved the problem with Office 2003 and many others as well.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Office 2003 is the only version I use on my equipment. The Win8 upgrade didn't disturb anything. Everything continues to run fine.

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    Win8 pro

    I'm having a printing problem with Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 that I was running on my old XP machine. I've loaded OSTE '03 to my new machine running Win8 Pro 64. I've copied My Docs from old to new machine. I can open and edit all my existing Excel and Word docs. However I can't successfully print any. I've updated my HP photosmart 7760 drivers. I've tried running in XP compatibility mode. The documents print with frequent omission of characters so as to be unreadable. I've searched the web for this problem - unsuccessfully. I've seen many comments that Office 2003 is running successfully on Win8. What about Student and Teacher edition? Anyone else having such printing problems? What newer editon of MS Office is most likely to be backward compatible with docs created via 2003 Student and Teacher?
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    I'm running Frontpage 2003 on 8 Pro with no problems.
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    What happens when you try printing from other applications? For instance what happens if you print something from Wordpad?

    You may even be able to save your Word document as .rtf (Rich Text Format) or as .docx (if you have the Word 2007 convertor) and get it to open in Wordpad, although some features may not work.
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    Win8 pro

    As a test I uninstalled 2003 Office Student and Teacher and installed Office 2010 Student and Teacher (trial version 32bit). So far all my spreadsheets, word docs, and pdf files are printing ok now under Win8. I'm going to chock this up to a Program incompatibility issue even though I've seen lots of comments that Office 2003 runs fine on Win8. Bugs me because I'm so used to Office 2003 which runs and prints fine on my laptop Win7 and I don't have the $ to buy Office 2010.
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    Windows 8

    Looks as if part of my question has been resolved. I want to install Office2003 Pro on my recently purchased Windows8 system. At the same time I purchased Office Home & Student 2013 because I had been told the old 2003 version would not work. It seems it WILL work.... if I install Ofc2003Pro can I then install the OHS2013 and expect it to update the different suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)? I specifically want to retain Axxess which I use to manage a dance band playlist and setlists.
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Office 2003 + Windows 8 Pro x64
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