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Pesky Little Warning -> Missing Dll Popup

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    Pesky Little Warning -> Missing Dll Popup

    Hi all. Need help.

    I downloaded the Messenger via Live Essentials 2012 only choosing nothing else but the Messenger. I decided I didn't want it and went to Programs and Features in the Control Panel to uninstall. It did and all went well until I booted the next time to get this pesky little warning that pops up on the Desktop after about 15 seconds. It continues after every boot. I have to close it every time. All else seems to run well, but it's a nuisance to me. It pertains to msnmsgr.exe with a missing wldlog.dll file. It's reporting a missing file for a program that doesn't or shouldn't exist.

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    I've searched the Inet and M$ help sites to no avail. I've searched in my WE, but there's nothing on my machine that points that the msnmsgr.exe file or the program even exists -> Deleted an empty Windows Live folder in the programs folder as it said to look for on the M$ help sites, although there are other Windows Live folders, for I have and sign in with my Live account. I don't want to fool with those. I have a good registry cleaning tool that didn't help. I don't think it's related to the Metro Messenger app, for that opens and runs. I turned off that live tile thinking that may be it to no avail.

    I tried system restore point to no avail. It was on, but says it can't find a restore point. I think I had disk space for that set too low, but regardless there should be a restore point. Ugh! I don't want to do a system recovery so as to lose downloads just yet. I feel like taking my 15 lb. mall to my rig like in the old Apple commercial!

    Any suggestions, anyone?

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    Hi Tony.

    Whenever I have this type of problem, I try installing the application again and then uninstall again. This is the only available option in my knowledge.

    The uninstallation might have had some unexpected error.
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    OK. I will try. Thanks, Arpan.
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    There are no more Restore Points created in Windows 8.
    Restore Points Creation has been Left out completely, Practice Abandoned.
    The Only recourse in case of Bad Malware Infection, or other Incurable Malfunction,
    is to Use Refresh. This reinstalls a Clean Operation System.
    You Keep all your Data, you Keep all your " Metro " Apps.
    You Loose the Totality of your Programmes and Applications in the Desktop.
    And You loose All your Non-Plug-and-Play Drivers of your Hardware.
    So, you have to Re-install All your Programmes, and might lose Activation on some Programmes.
    And also Hunt afresh for some obscure, difficult to find, Drivers.
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    Georgio, the restore feature, will return with the final release, during the testing period it was removed. BUT!!! If you happen to have a copy of Norton 360 v6, it has this neat lil program called "Go Back" that works perfectly fine, and saves me from reinstalling if KAOS happens.
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    So Sorry, about my mistake: Concerning the System Restore.
    The System Restore Exists, But Only Manual, Like in Win 7.
    There is no Automatic Setting of Restore Points, When you install a New Programme,
    Like there was in the Past.
    And I was Mislaid into thinking, it was scrapped.
    As, when researching for it in Help, there is Absolutely No mention at all of Creating a Restore-Point.
    Yes, you have to consult Windows 7, to find out.
    And it works the same way in Windows 8, Manually !
    There is another Point.
    I was Using Webshots Photos as Wall Paper and ScreenSaver.
    This Webshot Desktop Programme refuses to Install in Windows 8.
    I Re-installed the Gadgets.
    I believe, they were Omitted for Security Risks reason.
    Not for accelerating Boot-Up.
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    I still think you would like Norton Go Back better.
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    Dear Mike LoneWolf

    Thanks a lot for your Advice about Norton Go-Back.

    I learned to dislike Norton in the Past, by their insistence to fight rear-guard resistance battles, when trying to remove one of their applications.

    Trying to Hang-on at all costs, Not taking No for an Answer.

    Windows 8 has been designed specially, to have a Common operating System for Tablets, Smart Phones And DeskTop.

    A Part from the boasted Acceleration qualities, The Desk-Top Users do not see any Killer-Apps to justify Upgrading.

    And having to learn how to Handle their New Windows.

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    Georgio, the way in the interim I see it, it is better to have something to fall back on, till Microsoft final product is completed, and we have back system restore.
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Pesky Little Warning -> Missing Dll Popup
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