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How do I accomplish renaming indexed files to its below ?

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    How do I accomplish renaming indexed files to its below ?

    How do I accomplish renaming bulky indexed files to its smaller index number, with any kind of tools ?
    That is to rename

    1.c -> 0.c
    2.c -> 1.c
    7.c -> 6.c
    8.c -> 7.c
    9.c -> 8.c
    (in large numbers of files.) Thank so much in advance

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    I'd solve and answer mine. on Windows cmd.exe console:

    cmd /v /k
    for /f %x in ('dir /b ??.c') do (set/a t=%~nx-1 &ren %x !t!.c)

    rename to greater number; dir in reversed and +1, i.e. use:

    dir /b /o-n
    t =%~nx+1

    Much better is to get TCC/LE more improved and sensible cmd.exe duplicate
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How do I accomplish renaming indexed files to its below ?
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