I work in the IT department for a large Regional Medical center (25 yrs). I have a PC I've been testing Windows 8 starting with the developers preview and currently using the Release Preview. I am logged into Windows 8 with my Hotmail account.

Problem - From my work PC running Windows 7 I scheduled an appointment from Outlook and invited myself - Hotmail account. The invite showed up on my Windows 8 PC in the metro Mail application but there were no options to accept/decline etc. and hence will not add to my Calendar. If I use IE and login to my Hotmail account, open the emailed invite I do have those options. From the browser - if I accept the invite it adds it to the calendar which then shows up in my calendar in the browser as well as the metro calendar application. Is this a problem with my installation, my lack of understanding of how to accept and invitation using the Metro interface or is this what everyone else is experiencing.