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When installing something, it takes from hours to days

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    Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

    When installing something, it takes from hours to days

    Hello, I am having problems with my computer when installing stuff, Whatever it is over 1GB it literally takes from hours to days to complete and now it is even worse, I could let it go for years and still not be able to install anything...
    I had some games one of my friends gave me and they worked perfectly fine on installing them the last time but now they just won't install. Literally i waited for over 15 hours for mafia 2 to install and still didn't arrive even at 50%
    I also tried installing ghost recon future soldiers and it took for about a day to complete (it was only 13gb)
    About storage i have enough space left for windows (over 50 gigs) and also i have two hard drives:
    one for windows and some of the installations of the games my friend gave me recently and
    one for my personal files
    btw both of those hard drives are divided into 2 partitions
    i am not experiencing any weird stuff going on on my pc (like crashes, Slowdowns) except for DEP, That thing is for some reason always on and it is super annoying and i think that could be the problem but i'm not sure about that completely.
    I've heard it could be a ram problem but no i am not running any background processes and i never did except for antivirus but i tried also ending the antivirus's process with task manager but it didn't help either.
    I tried cleaning my pc a lot and also tried "fixing" the registries with ccleaner and also doing a clean boot but with no luck either...
    Any help will be very grateful to me!

    Also the installer doesn't freeze or crash it just takes way too long to install something
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    Welcome to the forum were do you run the installer from DVD or HD. Have you run a disk check on all drives?
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    Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

    Hi! I have the installer in my hard disk and well i tried waiting for 2 days to install but still didn't even arrive at 30%...
    Also sorry for keeping too long because i had problems with my internet access since lately it started having storms but that's not a problem.
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    I was going to recommend MiniToolBox and Piriform's Speccy, however, downloading, installing, running and logging may took way too long.
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    Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

    Hey sorry for taking long to reply back because we had a work out of town to do and i couldn't find the time to come back and check and well i got some good news:
    I managed to fix this issue by taking out the Hard disk drive that i have all my personal files and now i can install without any problems...
    I don't know how it works but it did work and also this HDD which i have my files sometimes starts going crazy and stops working and which i think it is starting to fail and i probably would need to buy a new one so i think that because of that i couldn't install stuff properly...
    Should i mark it as solved?
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    That turned to be a simple issue finally. Congratulations on this. The situation is of great reference for similar problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott902 View Post
    That turned to be a simple issue finally. Congratulations on this. The situation is of great reference for similar problems.
    a great reference
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When installing something, it takes from hours to days
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