For those of you running or planning to run dual monitor set up realtimesoft finally came out with their own updated version compatible with Windows for dual display software. The following is a quote of their general notice anout this.

Dear customer,

UltraMon 3.2.0 is now available for download from Download UltraMon. This release has support for Windows 8, as well as several bug fixes, see the release notes at Release Notes for UltraMon 3.2.0 for more information.

This is a free upgrade if you have a version 3 license.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Please send feedback to, this e-mail comes from an unmonitored account and replies will be ignored.


Christian Studer
Realtime Soft

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Now to get 8 back on again to try it out there! Note this would be for 8 installations on physical hard drives not virtual machines in order to work with dual monitor set ups.