Hopefully the title helps. (I don't really know much about computers)

I have a windows 8.1 HP laptop, 64-bit operating system. When I first got the laptop, my webcam was working fine, then I guess I was trying to get rid of it and I accidentally uninstalled it somehow. Now that I need it, I don't know how to get it back up and running.

I tried contacting HP support , but they wanted to charge an arm and a leg before they could help me. I looked it up online and a article told me to find my driver in the Device Manager under "Imaging" I believe. (I forgot the name of the article)But I don't even see that "webcam" option in the Device Manager anymore. The article then told me to go to my HP Recovery Manager, I clicked the " I need Immediate help" box, then I chose the first option "Drivers and Applications reinstall.", Well I did that then checked the box that I wanted to reinstall, which was "CyberLink YouCam Version: 5.0.3 3907" . It installed and the "Device Manager" reloaded itself , Then the the HP Recovery told me to close all my apps and reboot my system. Well I shut the computer down the first time. But that didn't work. When I clicked on my webcam it still told me "Warning, WebCam not detected". It's starting to get frustrating

I've restarted the process over and over again but it still refuses to work... at a loss, Please help