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Import settings on Metro Photo app incomplete or by design?

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    Import settings on Metro Photo app incomplete or by design?

    The consensus on this build seems to be that it is feature complete, but would I be correct in hopefully assuming that the ability to delete files on import and choose default landing locations for pictures would be something that is to come?

    I love Win 8 but it really seems almost massively incomplete standing next to say the Windows 7 early builds just before release versions. I mean stability wise etc. etc. as well.

    I'm not just hoping for tweaks and minor bug fixes, but larger usability changes, the photo's app being just a minor example of this type of thing.

    Just thinking out loud I guess.


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    Metro apps are all about... simplicity. They do one Thing and they do it... ok not "Well"... more like... "Pretty"? (But not even then in a lot of cases).

    The days of choice and configuration and, I hate to say but, the days of the power user are waning fast

    If you are looking for control or options or configuration in a Metro app, you may never find it. It goes against the entire premise. One premise being that the user should not be worrying about where their files are... I wouldn't expect anything more by launch date. Maybe sometime in the future you'll be able to pay for the privilege of a usable, non-toy-like photo app in the app store...
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    Well I guess the good new is, that us non-total morons, will be able to still use file manager in the desktop mode. I'm new at this tablet stuff. I used an IPAD for 5 weeks this winter at my uncles place and found it to be a total joke as far as actually doing any of the stuff that I do. It will be neat to be able to do the things a tablet does well, such as GPS on a Map and pinch to zoom and speaking navigation and searching etc. but still have the power of total configuration within Windows. I think some are underestimating the impact that Surface will have, assuming the keyboard work well, and desktop file management is still in intact.
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Import settings on Metro Photo app incomplete or by design?
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