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Admin program issues on default Win8.1 partition

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Admin program issues on default Win8.1 partition


    I just formatted a hard disk with Windows 8.1 Pro(dual boot 2 partitions of Win 8.1 Pro on single hard disk) early this week.

    Did a clean install with only one hard disk plugged-in. Erased the hard disk(1TB) using Minitool boot disk and left it as unallocated. Boot the desktop via usb made from Rufus Portable 2.6 with partition scheme -- MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI-CSM. (--- I initially formatted this hard disk with Win 8.1 Pro with Rufus made usb as 'GPT partition for UEFI computers" but ran into issues with dual-booting my Win 7 partitions/hard disk -- dual-boot 2 hard drives -- one with Win 7 and one with Win 8.1 -- will open a new thread here soon about it)

    After formatting, I then booted the Minitool boot disk to shrink the main partition(first) and create an "unallocated" space for the second partition.

    The second partition I formatted with the same Rufus usb. (BIOS set to boot to Rufus usb). Formating went fine and fast (just as the first partition).

    Afterwards I installed programs on both partitions.

    When both partitions are booting fine and after I have installed all "initial" programs I use(including security suites), I created 3 more partitions for file/data storage/internal backups.

    Now as I finishing up on the first partition --default, let's call it W8A, I noticed that I needed to run programs with admin priveledges(I do not know if that is the right term there). I also noticed that some desktop icons get the "security shield like shortcut". See image attached.

    Booting to the second partition, I do not have that issue at all... See image attached.

    I do not understand why am I getting this...?

    How can I set W8A(C --default partition to run all programs/files/folders as with admin priveledges like the second partition, lets call it W8B..

    Not that I don't mind the "right-click>run as administrator" or "take ownership" on files/folders but when working it's a delay even for just a few seconds.

    Can you guys help me fix this please?

    Both partitions will be task specifically for work(W8A) and ordinary home usage(W8B).
    I can of course mark the W8B as default and use that as work but if this thing happens again I still do not know how to fix this issue thus here I am asking around

    Along this line may I ask how can I change the name of the partitions in the Windows bootloader..?

    I see the two partitions there,(no image sorry I am at work)

    Windows 8.1 on volume 2
    Windows 8.1 on volume 3

    How can I change them to:

    W8A on volume 2
    W8B on volume 3

    Thank you very much

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Anyone please...?
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Admin program issues on default Win8.1 partition
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