Hi all,
So I just got a work-issued computer and of course it's using 8.1 (instead of 10) and of course any of the good parts are disabled. After I de-crapified it (removing Classic Shell and restoring the start screen), I realized my OneDrive is not working, at all. Also, downloading the installation file from Microsoft's site also fails -- the installation won't go through.

Through my own sniffing, I figure out the issue is that Microsoft accounts are blocked on our system, so you can never have a domain account that's also connected to a microsoft account. As such, OneDrive doesn't even show up. I tried to get this setting changed in group policy, to no avail. That's organization's for you.

Because I can't authenticate the microsoft account, I can't even use the Windows 8 app because the login fails. Our IT guy suggested OneDrive for Business, but I need to access files on personal and work devices, so OneDrive for business is out. He also suggested a mapped drive, but to my understanding my personal computer would need to be on and connected to the same network, so that's out as well.

So my question is: how in the world do I get my OneDrive files on a company-owned PC, for syncing and use? I'm thinking some sort of third-party app might exist, or even an older version of the OneDrive sync client could work, if that's still available. The main requirement is that it be totally decoupled from Windows 8's Microsoft account integration, because that is totally locked down on this computer and not changing.

Any suggestions? Help appreciated, thank you!