Not sure if any of you remember my old thread but... unfortunately .... she retired.
Asus K55A - Discontinued
Processor - 2.50GHZ Intel i5
Ram: 6
System:Windows 8.1

Rest in peace buddy ~

New laptop has slightly better specs.
Need a download manager though. I'm
tired of Flashget and it's salty rep so i'm
looking for something new. I did kinda get
a taste a moment ago of it's nasty so yeah..
i'm gonna need to go in another direction.
I need something that can download large
files,500MB +. Usually due to my internet when
I try to DL anything over 200MB it fails horribly or
gives me some ridiculous unrealistic time like 3 days.
I've looked for other internet services with unlimited data
but the ones i found don't service my area so i'm literally stuck
with garbage Xfinity. With Flashget it would increase the
speed...thats it. I tired to use Utorrent which was a pretty retarded
idea since it's not very diverse to other files that aren't torrents.
Any ideas?