w8. ChrisTV Lite (free) latest version.
It was running pretty well since ages on my previous MPEG2 Set Top box which I had connected through TV tuner to my pc in composite mode.

but now, I have got Solid HD S2 6024 MPEG4 STB. Ever since, ChrisTV Lite runs well on first run (after each boot), but when I close ChrisTV and restart it after some time (say stopping when none of my fav channel is playing, and restarting when my fav serial telecasts), it doesn't show any video.

Then I have installed honestech TVR 2.5
It runs well on any number of close/ restart.

Then, when ChrisTV doesnt' show video,
I close ChrisTV.
I run honestechTVR, that works well.
I close honestechTVR,
and then I restart ChrisTV
and this time ChrisTV shows video well.

I am more comfortable using ChrisTV, so I would like to use it continuously.

Audio I have connect from TV tuner to pc audio-in, and then I take pc audio-out to my speakers, so that audio always keeps on playing whether and TV software is installed or not, running or not. So, I don't know whether this new STB blocks audio also or not.

But yeah, ever since I got this new STB, my audio volume doesn't go above some 60-62, and when I increase it above that audio becomes mute. I have wasted half a day figuring it out on the first day of the new STB, when my audio had stopped playing that I always keep on 100. then I reduced it below 62 and it plays.

The only change, I am sure, I have made is that external STB. No other change has been made within w8, or in ChrisTV.

Please suggest what could have got altered by a different STB to cause these two issues,
and how to rectify it?