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How to get Microsoft Word 2007 to Always Open Instantly?

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    How to get Microsoft Word 2007 to Always Open Instantly?

    I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to Microsoft Word 2007. When I press those keys, Microsoft Word 2007 takes a while to open. If I close the program and press those same shortcut keys, Word opens up instantly. However, if I don't open word again for several minutes it takes some time to open just as it did when I first opened it. I haven't timed it to see at what point this occurs, but I did notice it after 20 minutes or so.

    I am assuming that something stays in memory / running for a while (and this is independent of the fact that I already have multiple documents already open), which is why Word opens up again instantly. It is indeed instant and I am very happy with that speed, but I want it to happen every single time.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be done?

    Note: This is being done on a Windows 8 Computer.

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    I mean that's the way memory management works.. There may be some priority you can assign to Word, like Set Priority to "realtime" in the Task manager and I'm sure there is a way to force a program to be priority in Windows,

    but Perhaps the real problem is your patience and the only other thing you can do to solve that would be to use money to solve your problems - like buying the fastest SSD drive Samsung 850 PRO or something along those lines as that would cause your Word to open up faster as it can Load faster from the Hard drive.. this of course then means your computer Motherboard would need to be up to snuff .. and etc.. you can see the snowball effect of this.. All your hardware has to be fast.. Ram/CPU/Hard Drive.. a motherboard with a fast Bus Speed..

    Also if you are getting absolutely hardcore crazy there is something called a RamDrive that if you have enough Ram (I have 16gigs for example) I can use 4 gigs of ram and make a RamDrive and have it start up with my computer everytime via a program and it would have Word in that ramdrive.. Ram is almost instant.

    Thats another process.. if interested let me know.
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How to get Microsoft Word 2007 to Always Open Instantly?
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