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Hi,i`m currently having an issue with an excel file

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    Hi,i`m currently having an issue with an excel file


    I m currently having an issue with an Excel file on Windows XP Laptop. A user was working on this file yesterday evening with no issues.File was being saved to a network drive and no file save errors were received.When the user came in this morning the file was coming up with a eror message"excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid" And also the file is showing up as having 0kb. Tried an excel repair on the file and also opening up in another program like .doc or .txt. Is there any way of finding out what happened this file or fixing the issue. Another user has also reported that the exact same issue happened them last week!!File server is running windows 2003 server. Shadow copies are available and I can restore the file to previous version, however the user did alot of work after that time.


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    I found this googling it, don't no if it works or even is possible or save to do in Excel.
    I've found some success on this. Using Excel 2010, trying to open a file on a network drive, i was getting the "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened" error message. When I added the network drive as a trusted location, I was able to open the file with no problem.

    To add a trusted location in 2010, go to FILE>OPTIONS>TRUST CENTER
    hit "Trust Center Settings..." button
    click on "Trusted Locations" Tab
    ensure that you have a check next to "allow trusted locations on my network (not recommended)"
    Click "Add new location..." button
    In the field labeled "Path" type out the full path name to the network location (ie. \\Drive\directory($)\folder), dont use mapped drive letters
    Optional: check "subfolder of this location are also trusted" box.
    Now hit OK until you get back to the spreadsheet, and try to open the file again.
    source Excel file gets corrupted
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    I think your file is corrupted and it may be repaired using a software; I personally have not used the Excel version of this maker but I have used:

    I have heard of that if the the file was first created in Excel 2003 and never converted to 2007; however, if the user was working for a long time Excel may have saved a copy in the users computer C:\Documents And Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\filename.xlsx.

    Another thing, I use Undelete Server Edition and it has worked great for the last 5 years; every time a user saves a file it makes a copy and it stores it for the time you specify.
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Hi,i`m currently having an issue with an excel file
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