Which would you say is better? Instapic or Bluestacks? I've used Bluestacks for a while then after I had some problems with my PC and the event viewer logs indicating Bluestacks caused my PC to crash, I felt it was best to just uninstall it. I can imagine Bluestacks causing problems because of the display driver but I don't know anything about instapic. I'd like to use Bluestacks for instagram, that's why I had it. I looked up reviews for instapic and the reviews are pretty mixed so I can't tell whether it's a really good idea to use instapic. I'm just looking for a way to upload pics on my instagram on my PC rather than my phone and without causing a lot of problems on my PC. I know gramblr is another option but you'd have to install it on your PC and I don't know if that's really an "app" or what. I guess I could use Bluestacks but it runs on my PC all the time in task manager even when I'm not using it. I don't know how to keep that from happening. I did go to the task manager and start up tab and disabled Bluestacks but somehow it still runs on my PC in the background and I don't want it running at all unless I'm using it.