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Is there any other fix for this yet? Built-in administrator can't to jack in W8.

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Let's make one thing clear. Anybody claiming that it is dangerous to use the built-in administrator is completely wrong, and has no idea what they're talking about. And should not be using a computer or go switch to something gay like Apple. Like I've been saying, I have been using Windows all my life. XP was the first one that forced you to create user accounts. All this time, I have never ever created a secondary user. I've only used the built-in administrator. As soon as I install Windows, I log in as Administrator, and delete the worthless user they force you to create during setup. It's completely useless to have more than one user.

Meaning every single thing I've ever done in Windows has been done while logged in as Administrator. It works exactly the same as any user, but has less limitations. At least up until now. It seems like built-in Administrator in W8 is more limited than users. None of the apps work.

There's never been a point whatsoever to having a secondary user. One user is all I ever needed. Use all software and games. Office, Adobe, web surfing, video gaming, movies, everything any normal user can do, Administrator can do better. Everything just works no matter what software or game you install.

I have W8 connected to my MSA so it was the very first time I found an actual use for creating secondary alternate user. It's really convenient when synchronizing to OneDrive, and other devices. So I'll be using this alt user for the most part now. However, everything I install aside from mini-apps will be while logged into the built-in Administrator. And there are still many other times I'll need to be logged on as the main built-in Administrator. But it's still acting gay which makes everything extremely inconvenient for no reason. Is there any workaround to this problem in W8?

This even happened in beta when everybody was posting screenshots of their start screens.
Post your Start Screen!
100% Agree man, I basically did the same thing. Those windows poping up saying "require permission to..." are so badly annoying and that's why I just deleted all other accounts. Now I have only one account left which is the built in administrator and I found the same problem that's they don't let us use apps in the menu. This is frustrating! And that's because they are stupid!