In a recent effort to try and upgrade my PC from Windows 8 to 8.1, it simply failed, resulting in a need for me to restore to factory settings.

I restored back to Windows 8, did all upgrades. Preceded to do all my Metro App upgrades, they were all successful except for the Photos App. It hung on trying to update it. After several hours of waiting and turn the unit off and back on, and trying to upgraded, it still failed and just sat on upgrading. I then decided to just uninstall the app and go back to the store, grab it and reinstall it. However, it doesn't appear in the store!!!

Now, we are talking the standard windows Photos app, like Travel, People, Email, etc.

So, I contacted Microsoft and the instructed me to do WSreset.exe and follow up with troubleshoot, to no avail, it still did not appear.

I do have ticket number, but, before trying to go back through the MS bs, I thought I would ask here, if this has happened to anyone else, and possible solutions.

Any suggestions would be greatfully (<- is that even a word) accepted.