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Discussion: Are Windows "Modern" Apps of any value?

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    Discussion: Are Windows "Modern" Apps of any value?

    I've posted this on another forum but would like to get opinions from this group as well.

    I'm curious. Why would anyone go to the trouble of developing or updating a Windows "modern" app considering the current environment. As I understand it, the current "Universal" app was supposed to bridge the environments between Windows Phone, Windows RT and regular Windows. It appears Windows RT has no future except for a trivial update that will come in October. Also, it appears that Microsoft is not being fully honest when they promise new Lumia phones, but then fired most if not all of the phone development team. Windows 10 appears to have deprecated touch. So what is left? Where do Windows Universal Apps really fit into the grand scheme of things? Is there any particular reason to develop apps in an environment that is so restrictive?

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    My observation, from seeing the changes introduced in Win10 from the Insiders program is that MS is obsessed with the Metro UI -- and wants EVERYTHING to take on that look and feel, period. I don't use a Windows phone and don't have a current Windows tablet -- so I have no use for a one-size-fits-all UI experience. That means, I have no real love for the Metro UI.

    Plus, MS is clearly choosing looks over features -- when they swapped out a fully functioning IE browser for a half-baked Edge replacement. And now, other app developers are jumping on the same bandwagon with VideoLAN producing a Store version of VLC -- which, folks have said -- (like Edge) does not have the functionality of its "legacy app" counterpart.

    MS's end plan is probably to have everyone using apps from their Store -- so they can control the content, and ALSO, so they can charge folks for new apps and for upgrades. They're pushing their subscription model onto their Office products, wouldn't surprise me if they did this on their Store apps, as well.

    One of the frequent questions on the Win10 forums is how to uninstall these Store apps -- and from what I've read, it's very difficult (if not impossible) to do. So, folks end up disabling them, instead.
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    One of the frequent questions on the Win10 forums is how to uninstall these Store apps -- and from what I've read, it's very difficult (if not impossible) to do.
    After making a Macrium Reflect system image I simply deleted all my Windows Apps. { Except the Store. }
    ( The ones I could not uninstall )

    Saved around 7 GBs of space.
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    ^^^ no problems
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    I rarely use the Apps and they are prone to having problems requiring reinstallation or using the Apps troubleshooter. You can usually do what the Apps offer in a web browser and more.
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Discussion: Are Windows "Modern" Apps of any value?
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