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apparent duplicate D drive affecting Lightroom 6 imports

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    apparent duplicate D drive affecting Lightroom 6 imports

    I've raised this query in the Lightroom (LR) forum, and thought we had solved the issue, but it has reappeared. The LR guru advised that I seek Windows help. I'd be very grateful for your advice please.

    When importing images into LR it creates a duplicate D drive separate from my main catalog folders where all my other images are indexed. With guru help I have reintegrated all the images into one unified folder, but every new import recreates the duplicate D drive and puts the newly imported images in that, recreating the problem.

    Within Lightroom, the file path shown for these differs only by the initial drive letter ("d" and "D").

    In Explorer the "pictures" folder under "This PC" has "d" as its path , whereas via the "D" drive the "pictures" folder has "D" at the start of its path. The content matches exactly- sub folders and file size etc. Lightroom is choosing the big D as the destination and recreating that drive each time I import. All my past images are filed in LR under lower case "d". There s no option on import to choose between the two.

    Please see screen shots attached. I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give to remedy this porblem.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails big D.PNG   little d.PNG  

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apparent duplicate D drive affecting Lightroom 6 imports
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