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What's your favorite metro app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I'm going to say with stipulation, Xbox Music. The good: takes advantage of my keyboard's media controls, maybe a plus but it doesn't use traditional keyboard combos such as Ctrl P to play and so forth, has a nice little display toast, notification thing when you use the media control keys where it shows the media controls, album cover and volume; it uses the network to update album covers automatically and in My Music to look for artists, it has a little picture of the artists and bands; it doesn't ram your processor like Zune did as the processor only seems to max out around a gigahertz speed whereas Zune would be using my processors full 2.8 gigahertz, and it has a nice little live tile. The bad: NEEDS LLLLLOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSS of work still. Navigation raises questions, the UI to look through your collection is bland and just no. Zune is much better for that. The Now Playing visualizer is glitchy at best and needs to look prettier. I hate how in the Album Mosaic view of it, it has albums of artists I could care less for and it shows artists in the default Now Playing view at startup. I was not listening to clowns. Nope. But the good thing is that it's not complete yet, as there are a few features like the updated Now Playing view, Social, and Smart DJ.

    I will be waiting for the update....
    A big flaw of Xbox Music is that it uses Libraries to store the media. This is only an issue because of a flaw that has existed since Windows 7, the inability to add a network drive to a library AND allow indexing. MS solution is to make the network drive "Available Offline", how is that a solution if you have TBs of data on a NAS device and the PC has a few hundred Gigs. If I wanted to store all my media on my PC I would need to attach external drives, kind of defeats the purpose of a NAS though and having that media available to all your networked devices. I find it odd the MS didn't make Xbox Music like Zune, you can define media paths directly in Zune using UNC paths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Let's discuss apps, YOUR personal favorites that you've come across.

    My personal favorite that I adore, Cocktail Flow.

    It's absolutely well done in the metro form and just FANTASTIC! There are SO many drinks.... WOW!
    My favorite Metro app is the one that runs on iOS and shows me where all the subways go in Manhattan!

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    My favorite metro app is Skip Metro Suite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    My personal favorite that I adore, Cocktail Flow.
    100% agree with you - how better to show off your new OS on a nice large TV than by searching for delicious looking cocktails via Windows Search?! Very clean app.
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    TuneIn Radio is good!
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What's your favorite metro app?
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