Interesting problem with Office 2013 here. The Click-to-Run version, which I have, is supposed to automatically update independently and not via Microsoft Update. Indeed, when I check the version information in File / Account / Product Information / Office Updates it shows that my Office 2013 installation is version 15.0.4737.1003 which is the current, up-to-date version according to . And when I manually check for updates, it says Office is up to date. For... a long time, I took this to mean Office is updated and all is well. But then yesterday, I had a curious moment, and started to manually check the file versions, comparing them to those linked in this month's Microsoft's security bulletin for Office 2013, just out of curiosity and boredom.

For example, this page gives the data for this month's update for Word 2013, and as an example, it says that the latest current winword.exe can be identified by its version number of 15.0.4737.1003. But what do you know, when I check the version information of the winword.exe I have on my computer with its supposedly up-to-date Office installation, the version on my computer is in fact 15.0.4737.1000! The date is wrong as well. So, I check some other files like powerpnt.exe, and again, the files seem to be old versions, not the versions that MS gives in its latest update description pages. Imagine my surprise. Office says it's up to date, but the file version data says the opposite!

So, what should I make of this? Is Office up to date, or is it not? And if not, how do I fix it? If it is, how can that be the case, when the files are old versions? Does Click-to-Run have some weird in-memory patching that doesn't update the files on the hard drive, or some even stranger magic?