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Turn on spell check in email app?

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    Turn on spell check in email app?

    Hi All,

    How would one turn on or use spell check in the email app? F7 shortcut does not work.

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    7 Ultimate with a little bit of 8

    I thought spell check was a global option now not program specific

    Win+C>Settings>Change PC Settings (at the bottom)>General>Spelling>Auto correct misspelled words & highlight misspelled words
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    Thanks for answering, Pauly.

    Right now I'm in Metro IE. I noticed there's a difference between Metro IE and Desktop IE. Just learning what those are.

    That's what I thought about global too. My settings are correct for what you wanted me to check. Both options are on. It squiggly underlines misspelled words but not auto correcting them. Your name above right now as I'm typing is underlined, as it should be. F7 is usually the key for spellcheck for it to pop up. At least in Doc apps and mail. It doesn't seem to work. I have a new mail message opened now and experimenting. Not sure about IE. When I push spell check here, I get a pop up that asks me to download IeSpell. I did so, but it doesn't seem to install correctly, for it keeps popping up! UGH!

    I'm basically a newbie starting with 8RP dual boot with 7 (both 32bit) for about 10 days now. I'm about a 5-outa-10 on the savvy scale. Probably know enough to be dangerous. While I'm writing this I'm also searching for shortcut keys, for I'm more of a keyboard/shortcut key user. I hate the mouse!

    I'm finding a lot. There is a page & list of shortcut keys in 8RP Help which is very helpful navigating around. The frustrating thing about 8 is that we're basically using 2 UIs switching back & forth.

    Anyway, I'm going to work at a few things. See what's wrong with system spell auto correct and the IeSpell app. Any other help will be appreciated.

    Thanks again.

    AK (AnthonyK) AKA HippsieGypsie
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    7 Ultimate with a little bit of 8

    I like your outlook im the same still learning with W8 didnt know if it would work just trying to offer suggestions

    Hope you get it sorted, if you do be sure to post back your results
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    You are correct that it is global even in IE 10, which is new in 8. No need to download IeSpell or anything. I uninstalled IeSpell.

    This is what I have so far. The threads below was very informative. Thanks to the forum and SGT Oddball, I was able to learn about
    spellcheck. I couldn't find squat on M$ sites unless I overlQQked it. He explains that Shift/F10 is the shortcut key for spellcheck in 8
    whereas just plain F7 in prior releases. That's only when the curser is within the word or the word is highlighted in 8 spellcheck. It does not however spellcheck the whole doc (or whatever app one's working in) when one is completed typing as in past OSs, unless I'm missing something or another shortcut key to task that. I'll miss that if that's true because I liked to type the doc or whatever, then spellcheck everything. Kinda' tedious to go thru word by word.

    Typing with Speed and Accuracy in IE10

    Then there's a link within his article for his test drive spellcheck: Spellchecking in IE10

    Also, I found this page in 8 Help for shortcut keys that is extremely helpful to navigate in 8's double UI. Just copy and paste this in Help search to get it: [ Mouse and keyboard: What's new in Windows 8 Release Preview ]. Then select the first result. I also pasted it in Bing and downloaded a PDF copy of Windows 8 RP product guide.

    ALT/Tab and WinKey/Tab combos work well for me still.

    I also learned searching the forum that in desktop one can hold the Shift key then arrow-curser anything on the task bar to open another window of that app.

    Perhaps this will help you also. Install a Metro Apps shortcut on your desktop from IownAmoneyPit:
    Metro Apps - Open from Desktop in Windows 8

    I will mark this thread as solved and I will start a new thread on the "spellcheck the whole doc (or whatever app one's working in)"

    I'll title it "Spellcheck the whole doc?", so lQQk for it if you'd like.
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    Pauly and All,

    Strike the last line in my last thread entry. I think it was only right to mark the thread as unsolved since it is only partially answered. I will continue on with a another question.

    Does anyone know how to do a whole doc, email, etc. spellcheck when one is finished entering text? In Win7 and I think it was true in Vista also, when one was finished typing, or in the process of entering text, one could use the F7 key to pop up spellcheck to go through the whole doc, email, etc. Perhaps another shortcut key? I tried to select all then press Shift/F10, but that brings up a small cut/copy menu. It's kinda cumbersome and timely to go through word by word. I miss my F7 spellcheck!
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Turn on spell check in email app?
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