Version 3.0

Added 4 kinds of backup schemes: full backup scheme, incremental backup scheme, differential backup scheme, and automatic space management.
Added command line clone and command line restore.
Support 4K monitor.
Optionally reserve registered license information when uninstalling the program. No need to register the program again when reinstalling a same edition.
PXE boot tool supports to deploy a WIM image file.
Available to choose to perform Restart, Sleep, or Hibernate task after backup completed.
Fixed issue: there is no data in destination partitions after disk restore and disk clone.
Fixed issue: unable to perform scheduled task in Windows Small Business Server 2011.
Fixed issue: the program reports a scheduled task has been performed, but it is not really performed.
Optimized the recognition mode of system partition under Windows PE and Linux bootable environment: support to recognize multiple Windows systems.
Optimized user interface and user interaction.

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