Everything worked fine until I read one of the messages in the system tray in the 'flag' area (action center).

It said I had to restart the computer immediately or there were going to be trouble I am not sure it was the line "Restart to repair drive errors" or something else. I did it, it took a while, it wasn't your simple restart, since it was on a black screen with my acer logo on top and not the typical blue one.

After this, the store is broken and won't open and most of the apps (I have around 70, haven't tested them all) show a x sign on the bottom right corner and will not open.

I have tried a lot of stuff (clear the store cache, some powershell scripts) but the only thing that has changed is that the store number of apps listed in the bottom corner was zero and now it is 37. I have tried the apps.diagcab but it just tells me that I have the windows updates set on do not download. (I download them manually)

But I cannot get the store to open. Please do not ask to check the screen resolution since it worked fine with the same screen resolution until yesterday.

any idea?