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Revo Uninstaller - Which Files?

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    Revo Uninstaller - Which Files?

    I want to completely uninstall HP Support Assistant using the Revo Uninstaller and am unsure as to which of the files in bold print I should select. This uncertainty arises from having read a thread on the Windows Seven forum where the poster lost the use of his computer (later regained),by selecting 'all'. Just how does the user know which to check and which not to?

    Reistered on Windows Seven and raised the same question on there a few minutes ago. Now that I've found this forum, will cancel that W7 thread.

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    I suggest making a system image with Macrium Reflect first & then select all & delete.
    If you lose use of your computer you can use the image to restore your OS.
    Others may offer better advice.
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    Thank you for your quick reply. It would seem that my choice of the Revo was OTT so I will raise another thread highlighting my problem more accurately.
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    Do not use Revo Uninstaller, it's not necessary and you will indeed delete wrong stuff enough to damage your installation of Windows.

    In my case it was an HP driver which I used Revo on, big mistake, and it would never install properly again until a re-install of Windows on a New HDD a couple of months later.

    I learned by that mistake, and will never use Revo again. I don't care who 'recommends' it....
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Revo Uninstaller - Which Files?
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