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How to add a program to the list of available defaults?

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    How to add a program to the list of available defaults?

    Got win 8.1 on a Sony Vaoi desktop... and I need to rip my cd's to FLAC

    The list of available programs does not include the program I want when I am in "Choose default programs". I'm trying to get a new program to open and play (rip) the contents of my cd/dvd drive into a specific kind of file, a FLAC file so I can store my cd collection on a NAS drive. Currently "Gopro" my camera app has taken over administrating the dvd/cd drive and the thing will not start when I insert a cd.

    After searching the internet forever, I find no resources except those who suggest I going into the registry and change things. I'm just not than confident in the sources of these suggestions nor do I have the expertise to do so.

    I see other programs which I have purchased on the list of available programs, but not the ripping one I need.

    Is there a simple solution or should just pray that win or 10 arrives very shortly?

    Thanks all,

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    WIN 8.1

    128 views in 19 hours and nobody has a clue? I must be missing some clarifying info in order for someone to risk advising... any ideas what I could include to get some response? Should I just call Microsoft with a bottomless credit card in hand?
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    Welcome to the forum,

    Do you get an option to look for another app on this PC like this?

    From this tutorial,

    Open with - Change Default Program in Windows 8

    You can then select the program you want from it's program file.
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    Thanks Derekimo,

    No, I don't get a pop-up offering any solutions, and the tutorial does not appear to address my specific problem.

    I had previously set the option of which program springs into action when an audio cd is placed into the drive. This is done in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Autoplay". This was done prior to getting the ripping program. Programs are set as a default in this part of the OS by clicking on an arrow and choosing from the drop down list of those available that appears. The ripping program is not on the list of available programs. My desire is to get my ripping program onto this list so it can then be selected.

    Interestingly, my GoPro camera program (installed 3 months ago) is on the list as an available option. I'm thinking that the it has something in it so that windows can recognize it as a viable option. Same with iTunes, another program on the available list, which was installed after I got the computer. Maybe the ripping program does not have the appropriate instruction(?).

    As I've checked further I see that GoPro and iTunes have taken over many of the functions I previously assigned to media player, etc, factually all that they can in terms of being the selected programs (defaults). Now I'll have to reselect all my previous options. Ho boy! One thing seems to always lead to another with Win 8.1

    Thanks for your help so far. This is so anxiety producing for me that I keep procrastinating about taking charge of the situation. It's been a problem now for several months.Cheers,
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    If you right click on a file, you should see "open with", then you can browse to the folder/program you want to use. Once you slect the program you would check the "always use this program" box
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    Windows 8.1 w/ Pro Pack

    Download the app Default Programs Editor. It's a standalone app that doesn't need to be installed. There is an option in it for Autoplay Settings which will allow you to add autoplay handlers. I believe this is what you're looking to do.
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How to add a program to the list of available defaults?
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