Just purchased a Surface 3 (not Pro) which includes a one-year subscription to Office 365. When I started to activate Office 365 on the Surface, the system asked that I enter my Microsoft Account email and password. I exited the installation at this point since I wanted to clarify something first and figured some of you could help.

I have a desktop which has two users with two different MS live accounts. I have Office 2013 Home and Student Edition on the desktop. I also have a small tablet with the same two MS accounts that came with Office installed. I have set up the Surface 3 with the same two MS Accounts. On both the desktop and small tablet, Office was installed as an administrator, but did not require entering the MS Account info.

Here are my questions:

1. Since I have to enter one of my the two MS Accounts when I activate the Office 365 offer, I am assuming that Office 365 will be still available to both users (or additional users I might add in the future) as is the case with my other two systems. Correct?

2. Also, will activating Office 365 in any way impact the Office installations I have on the desktop and the small tablet since the same MS Accounts are being used? Since neither of these two installations involve an annual subscription, I don't want to inadvertently convert them to a subscription based format just because I am using the same MS Accounts for all computers.

I hope these questions make sense and someone can advise. Thanks.