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saving favorites?

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    saving favorites?

    ok, I picked up a 64GB USB what ever you call them, and this is a scandisk brand name. I need to keep everything on the favorites list. is there an easy way to transfer it all to the USB thing? if not, how do I do it. keep in mind I do have the wire and software that transfers information from one PC to another. not sure if that helps.

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    favorites list of what?
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    If I understand the context correctly, Explorer.exe should be all you need to copy from HD to USB stick.
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    If you mean the Internet Favorites or Bookmarks, your browser should have an Export feature in it, just point to the new drive when doing it. I use several of the Sandisk drives, no problems. All that has to be done is plug it into a USB port, no cables needed. It will pop up a screen about what you want to do with it, make a choice or close it as the Export function mentioned should find it.
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    These Favorites ?

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    look up, menu bar, 4th from left. where it says favorites. I need to save everything there and to make sure it works after I reboot

    the computer. and I also need to save everything here, in this forum, because I do fall back to use some of it from time to time.
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    Hello Commander,

    Please post a screenshot showing these favorites to help make sure we know exactly which ones you are referring to.

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saving favorites?
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