I've got three programs that are much slower to open on first start in a session than they should be and than others experience, and this continued or even started after a December Win 8.1 Pro x64 reinstall on a fast SSD that has TRIM (O&O Defrag). They are as follows:

- Vuze opened directly, but not via another means, such as a torrent link (latter loads normally). Gone on for about a year. From watching, loading plugins in the first stage are the hangup. Can take up to 60 secs.
- XYplorer (paid) file manager - starting a few months ago went from a few seconds at most to 13-15 seconds and then to 20-30 seconds to open on first start. Reinstall along the way didn't fix it.
- Todo Home Backup - takes quite awhile

I've raised the issue on Vuze and XYplorer forums, but aside from an occasional user who's had the same problem, no one knows what to make of it. Any ideas? Thanks,