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Suddenly when I clicked on Tiles nothing happens !

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    Suddenly when I clicked on Tiles nothing happens !

    Hi there everyone , forumers and Gman , Calico ,

    My Viewpad 10 on W8 CP is running fine all this while since I joined this Forum , touch screen is ok , I can click and go into all the Apps tiles that comes with W8 , until today when I click into it , nothings happens , I also used a keyboard and mouse - nothing happens too . Only three tiles I can go into is the Store , Desktop and Remote DeskTop .

    The rest like Xbox Live Games , Photos , Weather , Maps , Internet Explorer , Music , Video , SkyDrive , People , Calendar , Mail , Messaging , Xbox Companion , Solitaire , Pinball Fx2 , Finance and Camera - All these when I clicked - nothing happens !

    Any suggestions and comments please ? Or where ( Web page ) can I submit my problem to Microsoft ?
    Many thanks and best regards - jim

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    I have to do a reinstall w8 using a burned cd and it's ok now , no choice .... jim
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Suddenly when I clicked on Tiles nothing happens !
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