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Inquiry about Adobe Reader XI updater?

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    Inquiry about Adobe Reader XI updater?

    Hello, Eight Forums.

    Okay, this is what happened.

    Yesterday, my Adobe Reader updated to Version 11.0.11 from version 11.0.10, which surprised me cause I didn't know there was a newer version out. When they changed to Version 11.0.10, they removed the Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager/Adobe Reader Updater from the Start-Up entries and had put in a Scheduled Task to run the updater whenever the computer was idle. I found out this was to improve performance.

    Alright then.

    However when they updated to 11.0.11, they re-added the Start-Up entry. Which leads to the same executable as the scheduled task with no difference in target or whatever. Which is confusing. Especially since its set as a HKLM:Run entry.

    So I've got Adobe Acrobat Updater as a service set to Automatic.
    I've got a Scheduled Task set to run the updater whenever the computer is idle to check for updates.
    Now I've got a Start-Up entry again which affects my boot time.


    Can I use CCleaner to delete the Start-Up entry and just have the Scheduled Task again because it seems kinda pointless to have two different things check for updates.

    Would this have any ill effects?
    And yes, my Adobe Reader is set to Automatic Updates.

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    just disable the startup entry in task manager..
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    You think I could get away with flat out deleting the start-up entry with CCleaner?

    Cause its a HKLM:Run start up entry, so it starts up when I start-up the computer.

    However, the Scheduled Task says this
    Trigger: At Log on
    Details: At Log on of any user - After triggered, repeat every 03:30:00 indefinitely. Trigger expires at 2/05/2027 08:00:00AM.

    And it starts the AdobeARM.exe program.

    So they're doing the EXACT same thing?

    I mean I've already disabled the start-up entry, but I wanna know if I can get away with flat out deleting the start-up entry if its pointless for it to be there?
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    Yes, It does not hurt anything but disable from startup is enough. I always disable everything ie. the service, startup & scheduler and just manually check for update.
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    I think you can also access the registry location and delete the start-up entry from showing up on the start-up menu in system configuration. I had some redundant start-up entries in the past and this was one way to eradicate them, but simply disabling them also works, too. I like a clutter-free start up menu which is why I suggested deletion.

    Edit: If you do edit or delete parts of the registry, export just in case you want to go back to having it show up on the start-up menu again.
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Inquiry about Adobe Reader XI updater?
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