Narrator expanded settings
I would like Narrator to read parts of documents that are on the screen. However narrator only reads either from the beginning or it only seems to read parts then stops.

It also continues to read things I donít want. Iíve unchecked all the boxes. When itís active the normal keys donít work either. For example the mute button doesnít work and it simply keeps repeating itís not a shortcut key for narrator.
I want it to stop talking because I need to think about the section that it started or stopped reading. In a 400 page documents itís hard when it wonít resume reading or starts reading the key presses I do to try to mute or get it to simply stop talking so I can understand what itís read to me.

Iíve got it to the point I can mouse over some documents and it will read the line that the mouse is on (which is what I want) but it wonít continue reading it. It simply gives up. But If I push H on the shortcut it will start from the beginning and just keep going.

Besides the basic option settings Iím presented with, are there other settings that can be opened up to fix this?