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    Windows Media Players Classic

    Hey guys so here's the problem i have a video or movie file with an extension of .mkv the file was from my brother's mac laptop and he copied the file to my external hard drive i opened the file using media player classic it said that "file not found" i check the file properties the file has 0kb size and the security tab says "requested security information is either unavailable or cant be displayed" I also cant copy the file to my desktop (I'm using windows 8.1 by the way) although my drivers are fully updated and i have a k-lite codec that can open mkv files. I also tried opening the file using vlc still didn't work it says "file bad descriptor cant open file mrc" We tried recopying the files from my brother's laptop and when he tries to open the file in his mac it works perfectly fine. what do I do?

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    Try using a small drive (like a thumb drive) or try converting the file to mp4. If the movie or video file was purchased legitamately, (from iTunes or Amazon, for example) it probably has copy protection written into the file itself.
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    maybe following site can help you:
    What is an MKV File and How Do You Play Them?
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Windows Media Players Classic
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